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There are 34 different flag designs, and 14 different styles or textures for each flag.

Calendars are for 12 months, and you can start with the year and month of your choice. 2022, 2023, the year you were born, or any anniversary year!


Please inquire For Quantity Orders.

Would you like to add a personal, business or organization's logo?
The logo must be Safe for Work (sfw, language and non-nude), you have the right to use it, or it is in the public domain. Great for coffee shops or libraries for games for customers. The background can be solid color or alpha.
The cost is $25 per first order.

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Please pick the Year and Month that you would like this 12-month Calendar to begin:

Year to start Month to start

Please select one of these 0 Flags: (Full visual examples of flags and textures are on the previous page for Books)

Abrosexual Agender Aromantic
Asexual Bear Brotherhood Biromantic Asexual
Bisexual Demisexual Future Pride
Gay Men Genderfluid Genderqueer
Gilbert Baker's Original Heterosexual Homoromantic Asexual
Intersex Leather Latex Lesbian Labrys
Lesbian Lipstick Lesbian Non Binary
Panromantic Asexual Pansexual People Of Color
Philadelphia Polyamory Polysexual
Pony Rubber Pride Straight Ally
Trans Pride Trans Trigender
Two Spirit

Please select one of the 14 Texture Styles: (Full visual examples on the previous page for Books)

3 D
Clouds In Sky
Color Snow
Ping Pong Balls
Stack Of 3
Wood Grain
Would you like the 12 interior pages of months to feature:
The same Flag Design as picked above, with a variety of the Textures, or
a variety of the Flags with the Texture picked above.

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Country: Primarily available in US, Canada, Central and South America, UK (GB), EU. Please inquire Countries.

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You may order one size and style of poster at a time. We recommend Quantity 1 on your first order.
Regardless, individual orders are limited to $150, to prevent Credit Card fraud. You may order multiple times per day.

Return and Refund Policy:

Posters are printed on receipt of order. All items will be shipped within 3 business days. Orders typically ship within 24 hours during Business days.
It is possible to cancel an order that has not yet been printed, usually within 12 hours of placing your order.

Defective items may be exchanged for new of the same item. Advise within 24 hours of receipt.